Q: What can I expect related to payments/billings?

o We will send you a monthly statement via Square to the email address on file and can be paid online, in-person, or over the phone. Payment is due at the time of billing.
o We bill insurance companies within 48 hours of the appointment but sometimes companies take up to 120 days to process your claim.
o If a bill is larger than $300 dollars or over 15 days late, therapy may be paused until payment can be made or a payment plan is set-up.

Q: What can I expect during a therapy session?

For children – sessions may include play-based interventions because we know children often learn better if they’re having fun. Feel free to ask the therapist about their intervention approach.
Parents & Caregivers – Parent or legal guardians are welcome to come to the session or wait in their car; if you are going to have a caregiver (grandparent) the patient to appointments, we need a release signed to allow them into the clinic room. If you wait in the car, you need to remain on the premises.
For adults – therapy is based on the patient’s individual goals
For everyone
o Activities or ideas of things to target between sessions will be provided and/or communicated.
o Sessions usually complete a few minutes early to provide patient education and complete documentation.

Q: What are the expectations for attendance to my appointments?

We have a couple different scheduling options.
1) Weekly recurring appointment
2) Schedule up to 3 weeks in advance with varying days/times

Please be on time for your appointments.
o Later than 10 minutes may be counted as a ‘no show.’

80% over a two-month period, including planned vacations and illnesses.
o Teletherapy is an option if unable to physically come into the office.
o Can reschedule or do makeup sessions.
o Cancellations by our office do NOT affect your attendance.

Everyone receives a monthly text reminder about their attendance over the last two months.
o Individual considerations/extenuating circumstances can be made.