At Sensible Speech & Rehab, we understand that the success of a child’s speech and well being is a team effort. We value our strong referral networks and love partnering with you. If you ever feel like you are not getting the service that you expect from us please ask to talk to an Owner and we would love to work to make our community better!

We are tired of faxes, just like everyone else. We hate getting partial faxes and troubleshooting faxing issues. We have moved to an entirely digital referral process that is HIPAA compliant and allows us to be much more responsive to our referrals. If you don’t send many referrals click the link below. Otherwise, keep on reading to see how you can SAVE TIME.

Does your organization require a fax number? No problem, click on “Archived – Paper Intake form” below to download our referral forms and get our fax number.

If you don’t want to enter your clinic information each time you send us a referral you can use our referral form generator to create a customized link that will prepopulate your clinic information automatically.

We are excited to finally be offering an entirely digital referral process. This allows us to not have to deal with the difficulty of faxes not going through or other technical issues. Please fill out our digital intake forms. If you aren’t able to for some reason we have attached our old paper forms below and you can fax them to 1-888-835-4257