New Patients

At Sensible Speech & Rehab our focus is bringing a voice to the voiceless, we strive to bring the best out of ourselves and our patients. We have made the new patient process as simple and transparent as possible.

If you are ready to jump past all the information you can click on the link and fill out our request for evaluation paperwork. If at any point you have any questions just pick up the phone and call us at 971-599-1712

Verify Insurance

As a courtesy to you, we are happy to bill your insurance company. We are in-network with most insurance companies and can help you verify your insurance benefits. Just fill out the form below.

Initial Evaluation

To start services our therapists will conduct an in-depth assessment designed to create a profile of the patient’s strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, a thorough assessment may span multiple sessions with multiple providers depending on your child’s needs.


Based on the results of the assessment and the patient’s priorities, we’ll create a plan of care for the patient, in addition to an individualized home program to carryover learned skills outside the clinic