At Sensible Speech, we value diversity. We believe that accents are unique and help people identify with their culture (whether it’s a region, country, religion, ethnicity, etc.). We all have an accent.


However, sometimes accents can interfere with the ability to be understood by others (“intelligibility”). Our goal is to provide a accent modification service to help individuals increase their intelligibility. This is why we use the word “modification.” Our services help to modify your accent to increase overall intelligibility, and to have someone’s reaction be, “Wow, I like your accent. Where are you from?” instead of, “Huh? What did you say?”

The most common groups of people who might want to modify their accents are:

1. College/university students thinking about interviewing for jobs and/or presenting orally for a class

2. Business professionals

3. Customer service providers (i.e. call centers, etc.)

We offer several package deals including 1:1 services or a small group setting. Call us today @ 971-599-1712 or email us for more information.