This program addresses a skill called Self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to recognize how we are feeling and when we are becoming less regulated, and then responding to it. Self-regulation is something everyone continues to work on as they age through life. For many this skill is not something we are cognizant of but comes naturally to us. For others, emotional regulation can be very challenging and have an impact on daily life. The zones of regulation program is a great tool to teach self-regulation by categorizing the different ways we feel and the different states of behavior and alertness we experience. By categorizing how we are acting or feeling in the moment, we can become more aware of ways to be independent in controlling our emotions and impulses. Zones of regulation also gives the tools needed to respond to emotions or impulses that are otherwise hard to deal with. By implementing the Zones of regulation through therapy we are able to help children move toward independent regulation.

Who Could Benefit from The Zones of Regulation Program:

The Zones of Regulation may benefit a wide variety of individuals of various ages who might exhibit:

    • Negative/harmful behavior at school or in the home.
    • Difficulty recognizing other’s feelings and emotions
    • Difficulty recognizing and understanding one’s own feelings and emotions
    • Difficulty calming self during times of heightened emotions.
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Sensory processing difficulties
    • Poor social problem-solving skills
    • Decreased awareness of appropriate vs. non-appropriate behaviors across environments