Picky Eating 

Lots of children (and adults!) are picky eaters but sometimes, kids are so picky that it gets in the way of proper nutrition or being able to participate in family mealsSome kids may get really upset and refuse to eat new foods or things they have tried and haven’t liked before, while some have a hard time even being near food they don’t like. An Occupational Therapist can help kids explore foods and expand their diet through play and exploration. Below is the general process and skills it takes in order to try new foods. 

Steps to Eating 

  1. Tolerate 
  2. Interacts With 
  3. Smells 
  4. Touch 
  5. Taste 
  6. Eating 

Our therapists have been trained in a variety of feeding approaches and have a proven track record of working with some of the pickiest of eaters. Feeding time doesn’t need to be frustrating, give us a call today.