We will be updating this page with any other policy changes as this continues to develop. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly.


We are excited to announce that we are opening-up to speech therapy and occupational therapy in the clinic as well as via teletherapy starting June 1st, 2020. To minimize exposure to our staff we ask those where therapy is going really well and they are making good progress that we maintain telehealth at this time. For those where it is not going well or you have been taking a break, we would love to start seeing you in the office! Please call 971-599-1712 and talk to our front office to schedule an appointment.

When you come into our office things are going to look a little bit different. Please read over these changes to our policies to make sure that you are properly prepared.

  1. Our waiting room will remain closed, However, pagers are available at check-in so you can wait in your car.
  2. During phase 1 all therapists and caretakers are required to wear face-coverings (you will be responsible for providing you own facemask if you would like to come back to the therapy room).
  3. We are only allowing 1 caretaker and 1 Interpreter back into the therapy room at a time and they must wear a facemask covering their nose and mouth during the entire appointment (No siblings).
  4. We are NOT requiring the patient to wear a facemask but is optional. If you are interested in a facemask that allows the therapist to see your mouth we can point you in the right direction.
  5. During this time some equipment that we can’t clean between patients won’t be in use. Everything else will be thoroughly cleaned between appointments using medical-grade cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teletherapy an option?

Yes, Depending on insurance we have confirmed that the following insurance companies will support telehealth.
  • Pacific Source Community Solutions
  • Pacific Source
  • Moda
  • Providence
  • United Health Care
  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Samaritan Health
  • This is not a comprehensive list, call us and we can verify your insurance.
We are working with insurance companies to see if, due to extreme circumstances and on the continued severity of COVID-19, we can treat patients via an iPad or smart phone so that we can continue to help patients work towards their goals. We will update these lists as we hear back from our provider reps.

Can I still use the waiting room?

At this time we are allowing the use of the reception area only if you are brought by medical transport and can’t wait in your car, we request facemasks while in the waiting room.

What happens if I would like to take a break from my regular appointment time?

We understand that there will be some families that decide to discontinue therapy until after COVID-19 has passed. Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel week by week or a couple weeks at a time. We will need to waitlist your services and reach out to you after COVID-19 concerns have subsided and resume services, depending on insurance this could require a re-evaluation, or new prior authorization before we can resume services.

I received a call my therapist is sick. Is it COVID-19?

No, to our knowledge no employee or patient that has visited our clinic has had COVID-19. While we normally do not provide details of a therapist’s health without their permission, we are taking additional precautions to make sure that we aren’t sharing germs across the clinic. At this time, any employees who exhibit symptoms similar to COVID-19 or missed more than 2 days of work due to medical issues will need to be cleared by a doctor before they are allowed to return to work.

What should I do if I am a patient and have tested positive?

Please let us know ASAP, for the safety of our patients and our staff we want to be proactive in making sure that everyone knows that may have come in contact with and work with state agencies on proper steps. Please call the front desk or email northoffice@sensiblerehab.com

We will be updating this page with any other policy changes as this continues to develop. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly.